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Let's Get Digital has provided excellent professional service with various projects including developing websites, IT support, and innovative ideas for our operations. Chris and David have been a valuable resource in helping us meet our business goals. I recommend their expertise in developing a personalized system to meet your needs

Jody Holmes

Thanks for everything my friend!!!!!!!
I will continue to tell everyone about my web guy!!!!!!

George Knott

Stunning turn around.  More than I expected.  Thanks for making life easy.  Again.

Use this as a testimonial if you want (include the “use this as a testimonial” if you want!!!).

Thank you.  Again.

Dustin Meyers

Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting in touch.  I must tell you that this has been one of the smoothest server set ups/configurations that we've ever had.  And we were so impressed with how quickly all little modification were done.  It's been a pleasure dealing with you and 'Let's Get Digital'.  We are now going to start testing the site completely to ensure everything is working. Just a heads up, over the course of the week, we might find a thing or two, such as PDF's etc. that won't work and might have to contact you for a few more little tweaks.

We'd be happy to recommend you to other first Nation clients. 

Take care,


Jennifer Hill

6 April 2011

To Whom It May Concern

RE: Let's Get Digital

I am the General Manmager of Curve Lake First Nation.  We have over 110 employees, and have a number of servers controlling our accounting, payroll, and file management.

 We have worked with Let’s Get Digital as our IT support for a number of years. They have advised us on hardware and software requirements, and worked with our staff to expand our capabilities.  They have advised us on security issues, and helped us to establish a policy on employee use of computers.

Let’s Get Digital has provided us with email, web hosting and maintenance on our web site.  They have recently been selected to provide us with a new digital sign, with the planning for integration to our web site, as an emergency management tool.

I have found Let's Get Digital to be technically excellent, responsive, and able to interpret our sometimes confused and unskilled requests.  On many occasions, Chris and David have been able to troubleshoot complex problems with specific accounting programs before the software technical support staff.  In several instances, they were able to provide the solution to the software company.  And our staff have found that Let's Get Digital is open to providing the level of service that we require.  If there are functions that can be managed by in-house, they have provided the appropriate instruction to allow that.  Their response to us in times when we have urgent needs has been excellent.  I have always felt that Let's Get Digital respected our business needs and treated us as a priority.

In general I would recommend this company to provide IT support, and have found tham to be trustworthy, attentive to our individual needs, and fair in their pricing.

Yours sincerely,

Kathy McCue

General Manager

Kathy McCue