More Than Just Your Local Computer Store

Kiosk Control Centre is a custom designed software system for the management and security of information systems.  Currently the placement of digital information portals is expensive and time consuming.  Many businesses would love to have an information screen in their lobby, and if large enough have multiple screens in numerous locations.  Pathfinders and company information systems running on stand alone kiosks are very expensive and difficult to manage.

Kiosk Control Centre offers the ability to use touchscreen technology to interact with customers.  The information portal can be a standalone kiosk, a flat screen monitor, or a touchscreen system

The biggest challenge in these systems is the distribution of the data, and preventing the information source from being hijacked.  Kiosk Control Centre allows the information to flow across the internet, from a central source.  All terminals operate independantly, and the message system can be altered and updated at the central source.

The current concern with this type of technology has been keeping users from exiting the system, and accessing the internet at large.  Many large chain stores have information terminals that are often sitting on web pages, not the company message.

Kiosk Control Centre takes total control of the operation of the display device, and only allows users to access what the company decides.  All standard methods of override are cancelled, and even restarting the portal does not interrupt the security. 

Incorporated into each terminal is our remote monitoring package, and within 5 minutes of a problem taking the portal offline, technicians are notified of the failure.  Should a failure be detected, Kiosk Control Centre will attempt its own restart and repair systems.

Kiosk Control Centre can take your web site, and allow it to be used in information systems, without the risk of users navigating to other sites.  The setup is seamless and takes little time.  Kiosk Control Centre has an incorporated service mode which can be activated and used remotely.  While in service mode, or when experiencing network issues, a splash screen blocks the view of the work going on in the background.  Customers never see an out of service machine, or one where remote updating is visible.