More Than Just Your Local Computer Store

The design of your web site needs to take into account a number of factors.  These include your message, the need to be ranked by search engines, the ability to maintain the site, and your business style.

Many site design companies will take a content managed template, and try to fit your web site into the template.  We start from scratch.  After meeting with you, we take back an idea of who you are, and what you want out of your web site.Your site is the online representation of your business.

We then come up with a plan for how to best put your message online.  Some owners want to be totally hands on, and make all changes themselves.  Others want a complex site that is managed totally by us.  Some want something in the middle of the mix.

We can set up a totally content managed site, using custom design.  While we don't spend your money re-inventing the wheel, we design structure from the ground up.  Many sites require more complex functions, and custom applications and don't fix the easy methods.  Our staff are competent in most programming languages, and can design applications to interface to databases, and remote input devices.  We can set up a streaming audio and video server, or interface to other applications.

The best sites for power and for search engine recognition are still the traditional sites, and we are more than capable of building these sites, using our own coders.  Contact us to discuss the options, it is cheaper than you think!