More Than Just Your Local Computer Store

Let's Get Digital can offer you a full range of web and server hostings.

We maintain our own DNS, Email, Web and Application servers.  We build, program and maintain our own infrastructure.  We do not resell services from an online company that you can not get support from.  Our server network spans the country, with web servers based in Ontario and Newfoundland. The buck stops at our desks. We have an over 99% uptime record, and can custom tailor a package to your needs.  We do not set limits on number of databases, bandwidth use, subdomains, or any of the other things that can generate you extra fees with most hosting companies.

We will offer you a price based on the needs that you tell us about, and there will be no overcharges or extra charges.

At Let's Get Digital we take security very seriously, and thus are very strict in access to our servers.  We allow our customers the access that they need, and set up security to their needs.  For this reason we have chosen to not use a full server management system for all of our clients.  We are able to set up and train for any needs, and pride ourselves on keeping your data secure.

If your need application server hosting, from Tomcat to Java Development servers, we can supply your needs.  We can supply dedicated servers and IP addresses, and also virtual servers depending on your needs.

We have a very high level of experience in setting up and operating Windows based servers for both Web and application use.  This allows us unique options for remote access and support, and allows us to be highly competitive in our pricing.

We ask that you contact us for a quote on your hosting needs.