More Than Just Your Local Computer Store

Is your digital sign up.  Are your accounting servers online.  Did your systems come up after the power came on.  Many businesses never know unless they are on site looking at the equipment.

We can tell you if a system in Newfoundland is up, or if a clients servers are all online.  We offer proprietary software applications that monitor your systems as often as twice a second.  Your machines run our small applications in the background, and the application sends a 'heartbeat' to our monitoring station.  If a certain number of heartbeats are skipped ( to allow for internet disruptions and conjestion ) you get a text, or email telling you your monitored system is down.

We can provide you a secure page in our monitoring site where you can log in and see your status live,

In advanced setups we have the ability to access your machines, check their status, and reboot them remotely if required.We can work with you to automate startups so that your important software starts and configures itself. 

Expensive? No! We have monitoring solutions that start at pennies a day.