More Than Just Your Local Computer Store

Do you need a Domain Server, Exchange/Mail Server, File Server, FTP access, Login security and/or a Shared folder?  Sound confusing?  Its not, but it is critical that these issues are decided based on your need and your budget.  Most of our clients can not afford full time IT staff, and really do not need it either.

We will help you to decide what your network needs to do for you, and how to do it safely, securely and within your budget.  A vast majority of our new clients are found to have been sold vastly oversized network hardware.  You need to manage your needs, and allow overhead for growth, but not buy hardware you will never grow into.

We can provide you with network maps, and train your staff to do minor maintenance and troubleshooting on your network.  We can work with your internet service provider to ensure you are getting top value and speed for your dollar.

Our experience with expanding wireless networks allow us to provide wireless coverage between buildings, and over wide areas.  We can provide wireless bridges, to allow you to link physically separated areas wirelessly.  Our high efficiency wireless N repeaters allow you to cover dead-zones at minimal cost.

If your business wants to provide access to the internet to clients or visitors, we can provide you with numerous options to ensure that there is no link between the public areas of your network, and your sensitive areas, without having to use separate internet lines.