More Than Just Your Local Computer Store

Would you buy a house and use a lawyer whose email address was at Hotmail™
Of course not!
Why? Credibility. We live in an online world. Customers expect your email address to be at your own domain. Despite what you operating system manufacturer may hope, everyone will not be using online mail services to conduct business in the future.
Your customers expect your communications with them via email to be:

1. Secure
2. Confidential

Our web site packages all come standard with e-mail, but we also offer a package where you can start out simple, and grow into a full site. We can register and host your web domain name, and create a full e-mail package at that domain address. We will put a single parking page at your domain name so people know your domain is for mail only.

In any event, our hosted e-mail offers you the following items as standard:

  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Webmail access from anywhere worldwide
  • POP 3 Access ( That's for Outlook™, Outlook Express™, Thunderbird™ and similar programs)
  • Online file store - a virtual thumb drive in your webmail account
  • Spam and Virus filters
  • Customizable block lists at the server level ( both blacklist and whitelist service available )
  • Auto responders, redirects, signatures
  • Import your existing address book so its available in Webmail
  • Ability to create, edit and delete accounts yourself
  • Redundant mail servers - your mail does not get lost if primary server goes down
  • Customized Webmail login screens are available using your logo and information

Our anti spam services on our email servers are state of the art.  We incorporate learning routines from users designating spam, grey listing, Sender Domain Checks, and full anti virus scans.  We are constantly updating our content rules, to work with new trends in spam.  We also employ spam traps and are members of numerous real time blocking list organizations.  We agressively block domains that send spam to us, and have blocked most of the major geographical areas known for high levels of spam.