More Than Just Your Local Computer Store

Digital integration is the idea that data or information on any given electronic device can be read or manipulated by another device using a standard format.

We feel that it goes further than that.  In simple terms all of your technology, be it hardware, software, even your cell phone, must be working for you.  If you are spending time making your devices work for you, you don't have digital integration.

We recognized a number of years ago that with the vast and extremely rapid increases in technology, there was little co-ordination and recognition of the need for compatability between devices. While some technologies are working towards integration, there still are few standards that allow seamless transfer of data.  Even new versions of word processing software are not able to read documents from other versions.

Many people have contact lists in their laptop, desktop, phone, and other devices, but there is little co-ordination between the devices.  The software available that will synchronize between devices is often limited in what it will work with.  Most mobile device software will only sync with Microsoft Outlook.  The concept of shared address books, and online access to data has been around and functioning for years, but the setup can be troublesome, and is often overlooked.

You should not have to call or email the office to get information, or such simple things as forms.  Many businesses photocopy blank forms that they use every day, and have no digital copy.  An online document handler is secure and convenient, but most web designers shy away from adding one to a web site.  A good business web site should have a public and a private area, and will provide an online office for people on the move.

We use and configure these technologies every day, and you we can provide information to you on how we can integrate your data.  Call us!