More Than Just Your Local Computer Store

Digital integration has one huge benefit.  It saves you money.  This comes in the form of time, and also in actual cost savings. By starting to integrate your digital devices, you quickly eliminate repetition of work, and it becomes easier to update information systems.  Many businesses hesitate to update their web site because of time or cost, and they create advertising copy over and over for different media.  They have wonderful information phamphlets, that seldom get handed out, and are very expensive to produce.

By integrating everything, the sales material is all available in a common format, and can be uploaded and offered on the web site.  The advertising plan follows the marketing plan, which drives the sales team.  This is all available online for all staff to access, and updated versions are quickly fanned out so everyone works from the same plan.  Master contact lists are shared, and access to email is made easier, as it is not tied to a specific machine.  Common mailing lists become accessable from anywhere, and are not tied to a specific computer. 

Having messaging systems link together, rather than using multiple systems, allows managers to do their job more efficiently. Data and information security are handled through the integrated system, and security leaks are held in check.

Having a purchasing plan where hardware aquisitions are co-ordinated will allow seamless integration to existing systems creates cost and setup savings.

All of these savings may be small, but they quickly add up to significant amounts.  The additional spinoff effect is in the image that you company presents to the public, you clients, and your staff.  A staff in a well run organization, that provides the tools to get the job done well, are more productive and tend to engage in the 'team' more.

Integrating your digital operations integrates your entire operation