More Than Just Your Local Computer Store

Have you noticed how many large corporations are starting to use the term Digital Integration, and how they make it sound like it is a new concept that they just though of?

We have been steadily moving ahead with our digital integration solutions.  We can now offer scenarios such as this.

The staff arrive at your business, and tap their RFI tag near the door sensor.  The system decides they can have access, unlocks the door, and logs them in for the day.  While they head to the office the system turns on their computer, and the room lights.  As they use the same RFI tag to unlock the office door, the computer logs them on to the internal messaging network, and shows them as present.  As they sit down they remember that its going to rain, and they might have left the car window down a bit.  A quick login to the parking lot security camera confirms that all is well.  While in the camera network they check the main work area to see that all is well.  A check of remote monitoring confirms that all other buildings are online and no problems exist.  Seem like science fiction? It's integration at work.  Time tracking, door security, secure internal communications and remote monitoring can all be integrated and work together, without costing more than the building.  From small scale to large, integration of your digital operations simply saves you money and downtime.