More Than Just Your Local Computer Store

Information flow is critical to your business sucess.  Sometimes how the message is delivered is as important as the message. Speed of update, visibility, and effectiveness are key to the delivery of the message.  If your business can support a digital sign, we can help you to get the right sign, for the right price.  If you want the ability to have your website RSS feed on your sign, have multiple signs linked to internal wall displays and video walls, then your options are limited.  There are few media companies who can take you past a digital message centre.  We can.  With our association with Movingmedia we can offer you all of the power that you need.  We have technicians on staff that are certified in some of the most advanced software available.  We can support you through the purchase, through the setup, and will be your warranty repair service.

We are fully experienced in creating and modifying both software and hardware for digital sign networks, 

Purchasing and integrating a digital billboard is a major decision.  You need facts, because you don't want to do this twice.  We can explain the importance of pixel pitch, viewing distance, pixel count and resolution.  Do you need a 16mm or 10mm sign.  How much power does it need? What software is available?  We can sit down with you and provide all of these answers, and more.  Contact us today for your first lession.