More Than Just Your Local Computer Store

Why should you buy a refurbished computer. First it saves you money. Opting for a refurb instead of a new PC can save you anywhere from 20% to 80% off of what it would cost you to buy a new computer.

Second, the quality and reliability of refurbished PCs are guaranteed by the manufacturer. Most computers aren’t refurbished because they are found to be defective, they are actually refurbished due to either lease expiry or the inability of the user to learn how to use it correctly. In fact statistics show that your chance of receiving a defective refurbished unit is actually less than receiving a defective new one because of the extra stress tests the refurbs are subjected to.

And third, refurbished computers often come with the same warranty protection as you’d get with a brand new one. This means if a problem does occur you’ll be “covered”, during the warranty period.

But for us, the most important reason is the quality.  There are different 'grades' of computers offered by manufacturers, and they vary by quality.  It basically breaks down to Consumer Grade, or Business Class.  Consumer grade is what most large format retail and electronics stores sell, and they are designed to be heavy on toys and appearance, and not so great on longevity.  Business Class is what goes out on volume leases.  Number one consideration for business class is reliability.  It has to work, all day, every day.

For many consumers, the only way they can get access to business class is in the refurb marketplace.  These top quality units only go out on volume corporate purchases, and are not offered for sale as "one of's".

When your refurb has a Windows Certificate of Authenticity that says refurbished, it also means that an authorized or registered refurbisher worked on it, under the rules of the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program.  This is a very strictly controlled group who meet a high standard in performance, and offer consumers another assurance that the product they buy has real professionals standing behind it. We are a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher.  Find us un the Microsoft Website under the list of Registered Refurbishers.