More Than Just Your Local Computer Store

One Stop Shopping - Good or Bad


Have you heard the old expression "Jack of all trades, master of none"?  We get it all the time from competitors who don't have the ability to offer complete solutions.  Can you imagine your mechanic telling you he only does the right front of the car, and you need a left front repair?  We feel that it is our responsibility to be able to provide you with complete solutions.  We don't tell you something does not work because the server people set it up wrong.  We own and maintain our own web and mail servers, develop software and integrate applications.  We spend hours each week keeping current with new technologies, and with current issues in computer security.

We have developed software applications that allow our customers to interface to web applications, networks, and hardware that are specific to the needs of the client.  Our customers have told us that they hated being told that they could not do things because the software didn't have that option, or the network was not set up to do that.  We set systems up to do what the client needs, and support those needs as they change and grow.

For us to do this has required a substantial investment in training and hardware, and having skilled and innovative staff and consultants. We will not send you off to someone else to fulfill your requirements.  We will bring in the people that we need to bring in to our team to do the job right.  We use project management systems that let the client be kept up to date on the progress and development of their project, and allow for exceptionally fast turn around on consultation and approvals.